Art Exhibition – Maddy Meaden & Faith Chevannes


Art Exhibition, 'Flora and Fauna' by Maddy Meaden & Faith Chevannes on from 4th until 23rd November in The Willoughby Gallery.

🎨 Art Exhibition 🎨
⭐ ‘Flora and Fauna’ by Maddy Meaden & Faith Chevannes  ⭐ 4th until 23rd November ⭐ The Willoughby Gallery ⭐
Faith and Maddy share an inherent appreciation of nature, and it is this that mainly informs their artwork. Faith continues her exploration of highly detailed observations in her eye catching, highly collectable, dry point etchings, while for Maddy it is colour and experimentation that inspire her.
You can visit our free art gallery at The Castle Heritage Centre from 10am every day with doors closing at 4pm. The exhibition will be in The Blanchminster Room.