The Heritage Centre covers a wide range of themes from Prehistory to the present day.

Find out about the Bude formation, a distinctive rock formation unique to this area. During the 1930’s, a fossil fish was discovered within the Bude formation and named Cornuboniscus Budensis. See the fossil on display, which has not been found anywhere else in the world. Further displays include shipbuilding and shipwrecks, featuring Bude’s most famous wreck, the Bencoolen. Maritime links continue, with a display on Bude’s little known link to probably the most famous wreck of all, the Titanic. Also featured downstairs, is an exhibition about the railway, documenting its history and subsequent demise in Bude through a series of interesting artefacts.


Exhibitions continue with the Bude canal. Discover the story behind this unique waterway, with its working sea-lock and its historical importance to Bude. A detailed model shows how goods were transported uphill via the inclined plane, a feat of Victorian engineering. D-Day provides a link to Bude’s more modern past, with US Rangers using the cliffs of Bude to practice before heading to the beaches of Normandy. An exhibition shares some of the memories of the Rangers in Bude by local residents.

Upstairs, there are rooms dedicated to Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, featuring both his inventions and fascinating artefacts from his personal life. Also featured are a number of paintings depicting local scenes and information on the Battle of Stratton, fought during the English Civil war. At the end of the corridor, there is a temporary exhibition space with a changing programme of exhibitions.

Heritage Centre
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